Monday, May 6, 2013

Rainy Day Lovin'

They say that April showers bring may flowers, but it appears that Mother Nature is a little behind schedule this year. While the first few days of May boasted temperatures nearing 90 degrees, yesterday and today have been drizzly and overcast. It has been a rather dry year for San Luis, so the rain is certainly welcomed, even if it is a bit unexpected!

Although I really enjoy the sunshine, I have always loved rainy days like these. At the sight of storm clouds, I happily jump into my comfiest clothes and curl up with a book. Even something as ordinary as folding laundry seems to become more nostalgic and fun when the weather turns gloomy.

Even though I had to spend this particular rainy day at school instead of curled up in my pajamas, I still managed to indulge in one of my favorite cold-weather treats. That’s right, hot cocoa! Topped with whipped cream and served on a dainty doily, this chocolate libation is like a pair of fuzzy slippers for the tummy. I’m certainly not a doctor, but I think there is something truly medicinal about a warm, frothy mug of cocoa on a misty day.

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