Thursday, June 20, 2013

Photo Shoot Fun

We've had a few photo shoots recently that have been a blast to work on. Not only was it fun to exercise my creative eye, but it was also amazing to watch the photographers work. Our food photo shoot was done by Deborah Denker and her team of stylists and interns. Check out her work at
The second photo shoot we had was for our newly finished Secret Garden, tucked away above the tennis and basketball courts. We envision having beautiful outdoor events here, so a wedding shoot seemed appropriate. Thanks to our models, Michael "Chip" Blaney and Corynn McAtee, we were able to get a great feel for how an evening or morning ceremony would look and feel. Karla Eberlein was a pleasure to work with as a photographer, and had some very innovative ideas for how to get the perfect shot... including standing atop ladders! Visit her website at and enjoy.