Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Madonna Inn has a Secret

The Madonna Inn is very excited to unveil the latest addition to our fabulous facilities: the Secret Garden! The Secret Garden is tucked between the restaurant and lower motel units: nestled in a grove of trees and complete with a winding path, water feature, majestic boulders, and an antique marble sarcophagus. The space is intimate enough to accommodate a small, casual gathering... yet has the capacity to host up to 300 guests and an atmosphere that imparts elegance and whimsy.

For some of the recent promotions that we have been doing for this unveiling we did a mini photo shoot, which I blogged about not long ago. During this shoot, we had so much fun playing with different lighting elements and areas of the garden. The whole experience got us really excited for all the potential that this space truly has. Although there are still more improvements to be made, we are very impressed with how fast our team was able to work to get this project finished. What was once a quiet, unused lot is now a beautiful, enchanting oasis.

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