Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Have a Colorful Life

Yesterday I woke up to a cloudy, grey sky and spent the whole morning feeling rather glum. By noon, the sun had warmed off the fog and the cerulean sky was cloudless and clear. After a bit of lunch I took a walk outside to soak in the beautifully vivid landscape, and Eureka -- I felt like a cheery, new woman. Much like the morning brume, my own gloominess had all but burned off as well.
I've heard before that sunlight is a natural mood enhancer, but what about color? Was the dreary, colorless sky what triggered my mopey morning? And could brighter, more colorful surroundings prevent a future fog-induced funk? After researching a bit about the psychology of colors, I would venture to say yes. Although these concepts were new to me, the principles of "chromatherapy" have been utilized in holistic healing since the times of the ancient Chinese, Egyptians and Greeks!
So the next time you find yourself feeling "blue," remember that a brighter mood is only a few hues away.

1 comment:

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