Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Got Milk?

On the first day of my agricultural communications class at Poly, professor Gearhart gave us a quick quiz on our California agricultural knowledge. Although there were some things I knew already, I was shocked at how many awesome new facts I learned about California agriculture that I had never even heard of before.
For instance, did you know that California is the number one producer of dairy in the U.S? All these years I have taken fresh, real whipped cream on my Thanksgiving pumpkin pie for granted. Without California's dairies, however, would I perhaps have been raised on Cool Whip instead of real whipped cream!?? We may never know, but I am certainly grateful that I never had to find out. Thank goodness for real whipped cream and thank goodness for California agriculture!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Weekend to SAVOR

After looking forward to something for so long, it is a strange sensation to know that the event has finally come and passed. And although this past weekend was exhausting, I am happy to say that the annual Sunset SAVOR the Central Coast food and wine event was wonderfully successful. The festivities started out with a participatory SAVOR rodeo that we hosted and ran at the Madonna Arena. Next was the running of our vendor booth in Santa Margarita, and finally on Sunday, the SAVOR 5 and 10K races through downtown SLO to benefit finding a cure for cancer. The SAVOR event is fun because it is a chance for locals, who may have only heard about us, the chance to see what the Madonna Inn is really all about.
To top off this fun weekend, we celebrated my grandma Phyllis's 85th birthday yesterday at my parents' house. Not only was the party a fun time to mingle with cousins and family friends, but was also a great opportunity to celebrate and honor a woman who has truly been a blessing in each of our lives. Here is a photo of my grandma and her newest great-grandchild, Carissa.