Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Midterm "Zombies"

Yesterday as I was leaving my last class, a pretty funny thing happened that got me thinking. To set the scene for you, it was about dusk and there was a very warm stillness in the air that was decidedly eerie, yet comfortable. As I was walking quietly along Poly View Drive, something in the distance catches my eye. The lighting was very twilight-zone-esque and I found it hard to see much -- but thought I could make out three bodies up ahead, sort of running after each other. As they got closer, I could clearly see three males, wearing what appeared to be ripped and bloodied t-shirts, with powdery white faces, blackened eyes, rotting teeth, and messy hair. Although I wasn't quite sure of what I was witnessing, a stride or two closer confirmed for me that this was indeed a zombie encounter. As "they" continued along in their hurried, limping zig-zag of a gate, I could hear them grunting and carrying on... heckling people as they went along. I was practically in stitches by the time they passed by me, and even squealed a little when the last character nearly staggered right into me. Whether this "zombie" encounter was the work of some Halloween hooligans, Cal Poly's student government, or was truly the return of the living dead... I may never know. I will say, however, that the experience reminded not to take myself so seriously. Especially in the midst of midterms, it's important to have a belly laugh or two. Even at my most frazzled, I simply can't help but feel better after a good dose of laughter, and yesterday was no exception. So to all my fellow Mustangs out there, I wish you the best of luck this week with your midterms and advise you to keep an eye out for those zombies!

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