Monday, March 3, 2014

Gold to Green

In San Luis Obispo, the "changing of the colors" is not an autumnal phenomena but a vernal one. Rather than the traditional turning of the leaves from green to gold, our Spring transformation turns the dry, golden hills to a lush, vibrant green. Rain is often scarce in California, but the past few years have been especially dry - meaning every drop we get is not just welcomed, but celebrated. Although we can't be sure this year will present us another "Miracle March," which would bring our rainfall totals up to the normal average, this past storm has given the Central Coast hope that it could indeed happen. Combined rainfall amounts from this recent downpour and an earlier storm this season have totaled over four MUCH-needed inches. And while this is still far from our annual average, I and many other San Luis residents have our fingers crossed that the remainder of this month will be full of "miracles." Today, the clouds have given way to blue skies, the sun is shining bright, and as my Grandpa George used to say, "You can almost hear the grass growing."

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