Monday, September 8, 2014

A Celebration for Rudy

Today we held a surprise retirement party for long-time Madonna Inn employee, Rudy Raidl. Rudy began working at the Inn in 31 years ago and has been a dedicated and talented Copper Cafe cook ever since.

When he's not whipping up a delicious dish, Rudy enjoys his other passion - art. Rudy's artwork ranges from realistic life-sized murals, to impressionistic pieces, to cartoon sketches of his fellow employees, and even touch ups on our iconic entrance sign.

Not only was this day special because it was Rudy's last day, but also because it happens to be Rudy's 66th birthday! We chose a Beatles theme for this party since Rudy is a huge fan, complete with a Beatles-themed card and ambient Beatles music playing in the background. Emily Ibarra, our Guest Services Supervisor and also a terrific artist, designed and created Rudy's beautiful card for all the employees to sign. The inscription reads, "We will be a lonely hearts club without you, Rudy. Thank you for all the great years," and the front is a drawing of the famous John, Ringo, Paul, and George. Apart from the card, we all signed Rudy's cook's jacket with sharpies. So fun!

We also presented Rudy with a poster of various cartoons he had drawn and given out to his co-workers over the years. He had no idea that anyone had kept them, so this also made for a fun surprise.

Although we can hardly "Imagine" the Madonna Inn kitchen without Rudy's warm smile, we will always cherish the memories we made with him. We are excited for him to enjoy this next chapter of his life, and we know we will still see him when he stops by for a bite to eat, or to touch up one of his many Madonna Inn murals.

Cheers and congratulations to you, Rudy! Your Madonna Inn family will miss you!

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