Friday, May 1, 2015

Family Recipes

Strawberry season always brings me fond memories of making pies with my Mama. Our baking dates - which still take up the occasional Saturday or Sunday afternoon - are always a good opportunity to relax, laugh, and just have some good quality "Girl Time."

One of the very best parts about being in the kitchen with my mom is listening to her stories of baking with my Grandma Phyllis, Great Grandma "Noni" Naomi (my namesake), and my Great-Great Aunt Mary Gin. Mama loves to tell me the story about when Great Grandma Noni got so mad at her that she actually chased my mom out of the kitchen. Apparently, Mama had been sneakily eating the strawberries (which were supposed to be going into her pie) and after a little while, Grandma Noni realized she was nearly a full cup short! To this day, I still think of that story whenever I sneak a few berries.

I'm fascinated by old recipes - especially ones that have been passed down through families. Grandma Noni's strawberry pie recipe, and the funny little story that goes along with it, is one that I truly cherish because I feel like it's a way to keep our family history alive, honored, and celebrated.

If Grandma Noni were here today, I think she'd be pleased that we still use her handwritten recipe.