Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Wine Room Decades in the Making

Be it red, white, sparkling, or rose; there's nothing quite like a perfectly chilled glass of wine. And for a true connoisseur, "temperatured" wines are not just a luxury but a  near-necessity.

After about a year of planning and construction, we have finally unveiled our stunning new wine room. This beautiful addition has not only enhanced our (already) stellar wine list, but has also become the forever home for some vintage Enkeboll wooden carvings that were procured by Mr. and Mrs. Madonna years ago.

Until the beginning of the wine room construction, these intricate pieces which depict various stages of the wine making process - from harvest to pressing to fermentation to tasting - had been sitting idly in storage since the mid-80s, when they were purchased from Mr. Enkeboll's Southern California production facility.

Clif Bartlet, who served as the lead craftsman for this project, designed and constructed the wine room's wooden accents around the Enkeboll pieces - which now adorn the ceiling.

The next time you find yourself at the Inn, make sure to wander through the Steakhouse and to the dance floor so you can see the wine room for yourself (and maybe even enjoy a cool glass of your favorite vintage while you're at it!)