Friday, February 26, 2016

The Black Forest Muse

While our cakes have certainly been adored by many, this student's description of her divine experience is truly precious! 

Mr. Z's San Gabriel Elementary class was instructed to write about their favorite food and, as one of the best essays in the class, he was happy to share one of those essays with us. 


It makes me happy to know that Madonna Inn can make people so happy, as well as produce desserts that inspire such impressive and creative writing. Keep writing, Ashlyn - you may have a career in food journalism in your future!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Love is in the Air

Although every day of the year at Madonna Inn is a sort of celebration - marked by delectable desserts, cherubs, and shades of pink - guests visiting during the month of February will discover a lover's fantasy land. Along with our signature year-round flair, Cupid's influence can be seen in everything from our steakhouse decor to our heart-shaped cakes and flower beds.

Imagine a romantic carriage ride, followed by a Perfect Pairings dinner for two: complete with a "Love Struck" martini and dessert at the Silver Bar... all before cuddling up beside your sweetheart in a plush guest room!


The Valentine's weekend of your dreams is only a click or phone call away!