Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Match Made in Heaven

For a lover of vintage memorabilia, matchbooks have a certain je ne sais quois. Firstly, and perhaps most obviously, they harken back to a (not so long ago) time in our history when smoking in public was not only the norm - but fashionable! Decoratively branded, complimentary matchbooks were offered by hotels, restaurants, bars, salons, and even grocery stores as a small courtesy for patrons who needed a light. As smoking lost popularity over the years, many establishments stopped offering these matchbooks since there was no longer so much of a need for them - moving them from a necessity to more of a novelty. This also made these little mementos increasingly harder to scout out if you weren't a serious collector or an antique shop regular.

Even if this mini-collection is far from extensive, it still offers a fun peek into the history of Madonna Inn and Highway 101. And if you have a vintage Madonna Inn matchbook or memento of your own, tell me below in the comments! 

1 comment:

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