Friday, August 5, 2016

Farm-Fresh Goodness

Of all the reasons I love living on the Central Coast, having access to incredibly fresh produce is definitely near the top of my list. Our Mediterranean climate, mild seasons, and rich soils allow us to enjoy fruits and vegetables that have literally been harvested in the same day they're eaten. Living in an agricultural society also allows us to meet our local farmers and get to know more about their processes, history, and passion for the land.

Marcus Hunt is a San Luis Obispo resident, father, farmer, and Madonna Inn Steak House server. He was kind enough to invite us to his small farm in Los Osos for a tour of his operation - which has grown from an eighth of an acre to five full acres in only four years!

While Marcus focuses mainly on blackberry production, he also has a few rows of Serrano peppers, squash, beans, and pink blueberries.

Last but not least, he has two boxes of bees which he uses to help pollinate his crops, and make quite literally the best raw honey I've ever tried. Seriously, this stuff is next-level.

Although the berries are still about 19 days away from a widespread harvest, we did find a few that were just asking to be eaten. Stay tuned for Hunt Family Farms blackberries at the Madonna Inn; and trust me... they will be so worth the wait!

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