Monday, July 2, 2018

Name our Heifers!

Meet Madonna Inn's latest additions. These beautiful Brown Swiss heifers can be seen grazing and lazing together in our motel field pasture from sun-up till' sundown!

(They can seriously lounge in the same spot for hours on end.) 

Arriving unexpectedly last month, these heifers were a gracious gift from Blake and Case Hirdes and Lizzy Cupples. Blake and Case live and work at their family's dairy in the Turlock, CA area, and have become good friends of our family through years of rodeo competitions and ranching.

After learning of our family's affinity for Brown Swiss cows, Blake, Case, and Liz were determined to surprise us with a pair of our own. At first, they were only going to get us one heifer, but decided on two so that "they would never be lonely."

In trying to come up with a name for these babes (without concensus), we decided to reach out to our followers for some ideas on names.

Leave us your best handles for this dynamic duo in the comments; we will announce our favorite names in two weeks via Facebook!

Happy heifers live at Madonna Inn!

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