Monday, August 27, 2018

California Goat Yoga

If you've ever wanted to enjoy the mind-body benefits of yoga; pet and play with adorable baby goats; or both, a California Goat Yoga experience is just what the doctor ordered!

Combining the physiological benefits of a gentle yoga class with the contagious joy of cute and curious Nigerian Dwarf goats, California Goat Yoga offers attendees an inclusive and wholesome activity that all ages can enjoy.

Photo courtesy of Amanda Rich

Photo courtesy of Amanda Rich

This past weekend, we welcomed our first round of California Goat Yoga classes in our Madonna Meadows. We were thrilled to see so many locals and guests turn out for the event, and were even happier to see their faces light up at the sight of their adorable furry counterparts as they frolicked, nibbled, and wandered throughout the yoga mats!

Photo courtesy of Amanda Rich
Look to our Facebook and Website pages for future installments of California Goat Yoga at Madonna Inn!

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