Friday, November 30, 2018

Five Common Madonna Inn Questions - Answered!

While there are many questions about the wild and wonderful world of Madonna Inn, these are just a few of the most common ones we hear.
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1. Why is everything pink?

Mr. and Mrs. Madonna co-created the Madonna Inn with fantasy in mind; they wanted guests to feel both comfortable and wowed from the moment they walked through the door. So, pink was chosen as a staple of the property because the two felt it was a fun and uplifting color. Mr. Madonna also thought that Mrs. Madonna looked her most beautiful in shades of pink!

2. Why is every room different?
A vintage version of "Whispering Hills:" Room 187
Mr. Madonna was known by many for his quick wit and sense of humor. When asked why no two rooms looked alike, he artfully replied that if every room was different, he could never make the same mistake twice.

3. Are Mr. and Mrs. Madonna still alive?

Mr. Madonna passed in 2004. Mrs. Madonna, however, is still very much alive and well! She recently turned 90 and loves singing and playing the accordion, spending time with her dog, Flower, and having breakfast or lunch at the Inn daily. Mrs. Madonna is retired now, but is still influential in the seasonal decoration of the restaurants.

4. Is Madonna (the pop star) affiliated with Madonna Inn? 
Although it's easy to see how one would think Madonna Louise Ciccone - The Queen of Pop - has some connection to the pink wonderland that is Madonna Inn, the two are unrelated and have (to our knowledge) never crossed paths.

5.Is the Madonna Inn haunted? 

Probably not. While some guests have reported experiencing a "playful" spirit visiting them while at the Inn, the Madonna family and other long-time employees have never encountered any ghosts, spirits, or other entities in their many years of living and working at the Inn since it's inception.



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