Tuesday, January 29, 2019

What's your sign?

Last weekend's stunning lunar eclipse inspired me to create a guide to finding the perfect Madonna Inn room based on your zodiac sign.  Scroll through to find your celestial match!

Aries: Yahoo
 Bold, Courageous, Passionate

Taurus: Buffalo Room
 Steadfast, Sensible, Good-natured

Gemini: Barrel of Fun
Versatile, Clever, Imaginative

Cancer: Crystal Room
Nurturing, Sensitive, Tenacious

Warm, Expressive, Dramatic

Virgo: Bridal Falls 
Innocent, Witty, Dependable

Libra: Romance
Charming, Graceful, Loving 

Scorpio: Rock Bottom
Mysterious, Intense, Magnetic

Sagittarius: Pony Room
Curious, Adventuresome, Optimistic

Capricorn: Cabin Still
Determined, Caring, Reliable

Aquarius: Vouz
Friendly, Gracious, Creative

Pisces: Starlite
Dreamy, Compassionate, Intuitive  

View our full list of individually-themed guest rooms here!
And happy star-gazing, Madonna Inn friends. :)